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“I would like to take a moment to thank KTK General Contracting Ltd. for the great work that you and they have provided to ConocoPhillips and our Marketers in the Rocky Mountain area. This is particularly evident in Colorado where we have the largest concentration of Conoco locations.

Over the past eleven years Rich Keeran has helped us convert over 200 sites to the ConocoPhillips image in the mid-1990’s and later assisted in the change to the newest ConocoPhillips image “Oasis” beginning in 2004. Both of these transformations were significant in size and required expert project management and field execution.

On behalf of ConocoPhillips and the many wholesale distributors and dealers in the Rocky Mountain area, thank you for a job well done over the past decade. I personally want to thank you for your support an working relationship with myself and ConocoPhillips and look forward to another 11 great years.”

John V. Shellhorse
Territory Manager - CO, UT, NV